Ghost Recon

A World With No Heroes

When Nicolas and Antoine β€” Make Me Pulse founders β€” came to me and said "we have a pitch for Ubisoft that we need you to work on", I litteraly jumped off of my chair. As a huge fan of Ubi games, you can imagine that being able to work for this company was a professional goal. We put a lot of effort into an intense bid process that led to a yes! Ten month later we released Ghost Recon Wildlands β€” A World With No Heroes, a huge interactive experience that allows players to dive into a fictional Bolivia where drug cartels are controlling the country.

Interactive Art Direction β€” UI/UX β€” Game Design β€” Motion Design

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01 β€” CONCEPT

In Ghost Recon Wildlands β€” A World With No Heroes, we invite the user on a journey through a fictional Bolivia, fallen into the hands of Santa Blanca drug cartel. Through 50 cameras dispatched all over the country and the help of a drone, the user gathers information about the cartel and prepares the arrival of "the Ghosts", a group of Elites Special Forces from the USA. 


Exploration is a big part of 'A World With No Heroes'. A huge detailed and zoomable map allows the user to litteraly dive into this fictional Bolivia. The user can follow trains and helicopters, admire iconic monuments or simply contemplate the wildlife.


To add interactivity and involve the user into this massive experience, we designed and developed several gameplay mechanics based on rapidity and sound. The idea is to collect intel about the different parties involved in this fictional narcotrafic state.

04 β€” MISSION

The first surveillance camera revealed a plot to the user. It marks the beginning of a mission that will lead the user across the country.

05 β€” RECON MAP

Beside the 'explore map', the user has access to the 'recon map', a data-driven representation of the Santa Blanca Cartel activities shaped like blood stains.

During the process of creating this massive experience a lot of things were experimented. Here is a motion of an idea we explored: this pictured emblematic places of the game.

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Pierre Lepers
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Christophe Massolin
Florentin Monteil
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Mathias Roumy


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